Laconic Campus solution

Internet Of Things Smart School

Safety management in & outside school classroom interactive

Our research and development of intelligent electronic student card integrated active electronic tag function. In the cities where the Safe City loT system has been put into operation, the children wear the student card to go to school and their location and journey will be recorded in real time by the network of base stations in the city on their way out of school. Parents through the “Safe City” APP and “e School” WeChat Public number can be real-time view the child’s current location and  journey Information, at any time to protect the safety of children.

Smart schools, smarter students with IoT technology

Connecting the future of education with the power of IoT

Campus security has always been a topic of concern to parents and the community. The IoT Campus Security Plan directly uses the base station network covering the whole city set up by the Safe City IoT system and places collectors at vari- ous places in the campus. Through these acquisition devices, Students wear intelligent electronic student card reading, to achieve real-time safety protection of children in school and outside.

Smart School

Smart School - Safety management in & outside school

Deployed in all areas of the school (classrooms, dormitories, canteens, playgrounds, etc.), RFID access control is provided at entrances and exits of some places, and students' access to and stay in these areas are systematically recorded. Student's school life data and report to parents.

Laconic IOT

Revolutionizing education with IoT in the smart campus

Outside the school, safe city city Internet of Things network of base stations can obtain the child's location informa- tion in real time to protect children's safety. School, the children arrived at school directly to the school gate to ete school attendance, the system automatically sends a message to parents report their children to school time; if the child did not arrive on time, the system automatically alerts parents. E-fencing will be set up in hazard- ous areas in urban areas and in areas where minors are not allowed to enter, such as work sites and cybercafes. nce a child enters these areas, parents and schools will be automatically alerted.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

The system provides effective supervision of student attendance and daily routine. Classroom collector can automatically complete the class attendance
attendance, the system will automatically record the absence of student information; if the provisions of the end of time students still have not returned to school or dormitory, the system will automatically record.

id card_active

Student ID Card 2.4G Active Tag ( Card Type)

Ultra-low power consumption, battery life 3 years; Reading range up to 80meters(Note: the range related to the reader and antenna); Typical application are school students attendance, employee tracking etc..

2.4g Active RFID Receiver

1. Personnel identification and tracking, especially in large airports, parks, cities and other large open areas. 2. Attendance management of campus and factory. 3. Animal husbandry industry, vessel identification and construction site asset supervision, etc.


GPS & RFID for school Bus

Laconic VTS is robust and best school bus tracking system, which can monitor moving vehicles in real time or with previous data. We provide parents and schools with a 100% uptime cloud-based. Safeguard your school on wheels with a world-class GPS & RFID solution.

2.4G Ultra-long Range Integrated Reader

2.4G Ultra-long-Range Integrated Reader

widely used in IOT market for data collecting purpose. With excellent RFID technology collecting RFID tag signal in real time, positioning of people, vehicles and items with the location information of the base station.