Top 5 School Bus Tracking Apps in 2023

School bus tracking apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing parents and school administrators with a convenient way to monitor the location and arrival time of school buses. With these apps, parents can rest assured that their children are safe during transit, while school administrators can monitor bus routes and schedules to ensure smooth operations.

Yellow school bus

Why are school buses painted yellow?

The color yellow for school buses became standardized in the United States in 1939 with the passage of the National School Bus Chrome standard, which specified that school buses must be painted "National School Bus Yellow." The color yellow was chosen because it is highly visible and easily distinguishable from other vehicles on the road, making it easier for drivers to recognize and respond appropriately to a school bus. Additionally, yellow is a highly visible color in both bright sunlight and in cloudy or overcast conditions.


Why School Bus Drivers Deserve Our Respect?

1.They transport our children safely to and from school every day 2. They must follow strict safety guidelines and regulations 3. They handle stressful and sometimes chaotic situations calmly and professionally